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A woman races to break the curse of a chain letter before she becomes one of its victims.


Meg Imperial, Shy Carlos, Nadine Lustre, AJ Muhlach, Rose Van Ginkel, Caleb Santos, Mark Bautista, Perla Bautista, Jackie Lou Blanco, John Regala, Bernardo Bernardo, Menggie Cobarrubias, J.C. Parker, Janna Roque, Prince Stefan, Josh Padilla, Arkin Del Rosario, Carlo Lazerna, Issa Pressman, Chad King, Kim Molina, Clint Bondad, Clark Merced, Billy Villeta, Arvic Rivero, Ryan Kevin


The movie follows a group of people who receive a chain letter. Some of them forward it along as it requested, but some just ignore it. Subsequent events suggest the letter is cursed, and results in people dying brutal and bloody deaths. Will the dark and black origins behind the cursed letter be unveiled before time runs out to stop the gruesome murders caused by the unknown evil itself?

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Chain Mail is a 2015 Filipino mystery horror film starring Meg Imperial, Shy Carlos and Nadine Lustre. It was released on July 22, 2015 by Viva Films. It was directed and written by Adolfo Alix Jr. , also written by Jerry Gracio and Agnes de Guzman. Wikipedia

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