Watch Hello Forever 2013 Reviews

Four courageous women are faced with the harsh realities of poverty, prejudice, and corruption.


Debra Ades, Kat Alano, Jaclyn Albergoni, David Bianco, Jennifer Blair-Bianco, Masumay Booc, Jeremy Domingo, Miguel Faustman, Carman Gosselin, Rebecca Khoo, Isis King, Joyce Pring, Jeffrey Quizon, Rob Rownd, Jose Sanchez


An Independent film with heart. After a prominent business man is found dead in the streets of Manila, two detectives examine the lives of four prostitutes to determine who killed him. One of the prostitutes is dead but the others all have reasons to commit the murder. It is a film that deals with the social issues and the harsh realities of poverty, prejudice, and the loss of a child due to trafficking. The story, based on true events, uses the experiences of the writer from her time as a doctor in a psychiatric hospital, and of the director who, when working in the Philippines, was confronted with the horrendous situations of beautiful women forced to sell themselves to survive.

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