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Two sisters (Claudine Barretto, Anne Curtis) fall in love with the same man (Richard Gutierrez).


Claudine Barretto, Anne Curtis, Richard Gutierrez, Joel Torre, PJ Abellana, Maricar De Mesa, Leandro Muñoz, CJ Javarata, Brett Ackerman


Ciara goes to America as a physical therapist fulfilling a lifelong dream to better provide for her sister's needs. While back in the Philippines, Julia lives a fast life and engages in a whirlwind romance with photographer Storm. Julia decides to follow Ciara to the US while Storm decides he cannot live without Julia and joins her on impulse. As Julia struggles to make a career, Storm starts to lose himself as an illegal alien, thus wanting to return to the Philippines. To help Storm obtain an immigrant status, Julia pleads Ciara to marry Storm for papers. Out of love for Julia, Ciara agrees.l Amidst the fraudulent marriage, true love blossoms between Storm and Ciara. Caught in the web of love and lies, fate finds its way to bring true love together. But with whom?

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In Your Eyes is a 2010 Filipino romantic drama film produced and released by Viva Films and GMA Films. The film premiered on August 18, 2010.

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