Watch Kaleidoscope World 2013 Reviews

A hip hop dance film featuring Filipino world class dance champions and inspired by the music of Francis Magalona.


Sef Cadayona, Yassi Pressman, Mayton Eugenio, Alma Concepcion, Alireza Libre, Pia Pilapil, Arnold Reyes, Brylle Mondejar, Will Angeles, Guibo Codog, Michelle Cornejo, Jason Zimmerman, Nisa Ortiz, Cora Buenaventura, Raffy Wenceslao


Lando, a poor boy, meets a rich girl, Elsa, in an open audition for the number one local hip hop crew that is competing for an international dance event. Lando and Elsa make it to the team but as their life and love unfold their dance crumbles.

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