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A group of chefs is divided into two fighting groups after learning they only have three months before they're all fired from their restaurant.


Ronnie Ricketts, Arci Munoz, Mark Gil, Boy Logro, Dinky Doo, PJ Cuartero, Tiara Santos, Billy James Renacia, Hero Angeles, Roldan Aquino, Hideaki Torio, Rey Bejar, Nadine Lustre, Jade Lopez, Jeffrey Santos, Gene Padilla, John Hall, Onyok Velasco, Joross Gamboa, Roi Vinzon, Boy Roque, Bruce Ricketts, Roy Alvarez, DCoy, Beatriz, Natalia Moon, Ara Mina, Cristina Sambrano, Shalala, Vandolph, Yoyong Martirez, Mariz Ricketts, Marella Ricketts, Vic Belaro, Polly Cadsawan, Paolo Serrano


Two warring chefs and their restaurants are threatened by the 3-month deadline imposed to them by Don Manolo to vacate their place for it will be sold to a condominium developer.

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The Fighting Chefs is a Philippine film directed and starring by Ronnie Ricketts. The film will also be starred by Boy Logro in which this will be his first film debut. This will be also the last movie of Mark Gil until his death on September 1, 2014.

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