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Crisanto Espina, A cop on investigation, is tasked to eliminate the suspects involved in the bank robbery/massacre that cocked the whole nation.


Dennis Trillo, Richard Gomez, Ricky Davao, Dante Rivero, Irma Adlawan, LJ Reyes, Derek Ramsay, Raymond Bagatsing, Alex Vincent Medina, Jerald Napoles, Nicco Manalo


In 2011, the bloodiest bank heist in Philippine history happened at Mabuhay Savings Bank in Laguna, leaving ten workers dead, all heartlessly executed. The culprits escape with an expected P10 million. The robbery is suspected to have been conducted by experts, as they executed their plan with military precision. Wearing masks to hide identities, they disabled the bank's security system and held-up the bank personnel inside. Once they got the cash, a fatal mistake leads to an all-out bloodbath. Pressured by the people to resolve the crime, authorities secretly order Crisanto Espina, an ex-cop, to handle the case. Eager to redeem his name, Crisanto hunts down each suspect. But as he finds each name, he unravels the dirty truth behind his extrajudicial duties.

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Written and directed by Michael Tuviera, the film is one of the official entries for the Director's Showcase Category in Cinemalaya 2014. wikipilipinas

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