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Tsardyer is a film that illustrates how Information Technology connects all our islands and all their people.


Martin De Los Santos, Neil Ryan Sese, Dimples Romana, Mon Confiado, Bombi Plata, Sharmaine Buencamino, Pipo Alfad Iii, Raul Morit, Dido De La Paz, Frank Corona, Jeff Fernandez, Gigi Pirote, Aileen Surian


Tsardyer is about true to life story of a 10-year old Tausug boy that was used by the Abu Sayyaf group to charge their mobile phones below the mountains. Shihab, a young boy who needs to make it in time in the rebels camp before the battery of their next cellphone runs out. However, things goes differently when one of the captives, a woman journalist, become friends with him and earns his trust. Shihab fears for the life of his new-found friend, and is now being caught between his loyalty to his Tausug brothers and the motherly compassion of the journalist. But when he heard the abductors plan to do to their prisoners, Shihab rushes not only to save them but to save war from erupting once again in the jungles of Jolo, Sulu

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