Watch KAMUNGGAI (2017) Reviews

Director:Vic Acedillo, Jr.
star: Dulce, Bayang Barrios, Skyzx Labastilla
genre: Comedy, Light drama
Release Date: 2017-07-12 00:00:00

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Movie information
KAMUNGGAI (2017) is a Comedy, Light drama, Vic Acedillo, Jr. (director)and staring Dulce, Bayang Barrios, Skyzx Labastilla, 65-year old Lolo Peping built his backyard farm in his hometown in Mindanao, out of vegetable scraps or whatever edible plant life he could find in the garbage heap. His neighbors get free food from his garden while he does all the work. They don’t even bother to pay him or say thank you. One day, Lolo Peping decided to put a bamboo fence around his garden to keep neighbors out.For him, it was a good decision because he enjoyed the peace in his garden for a while, until a ten year-old boy, Kenken, invades his garden. The cute pain-in-the-ass little boy turns out to be his brother’s grandson. Even though he is not very fond of the wayward boy, he invites Kenken and his mother, Inday (30) to live with him because he lives alone. Then after less than a week the boy’s mother disappears completely, abandoning his son and leaving the boy to Lolo Peping’s care. With a new unexpected responsibility, Lolo Peping tries his best to befriend Kenken. But how do you make friends with someone you hate and hates you back? Well, the malunggay tree can do amazing things, other than cure cancer.

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