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Stars Versus Me (2015)
Stars Versus Me (2015)
Directors: Joven Tan, Cleo Paglinawan
Writers: Joven Tan (based on the book by), Joven Tan
Stars: Rita Avila, Kiray Celis, Matet De Leon
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Official Sites: Official Facebook
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Release Date: 3 June 2015 (Philippines)
Production Co: Tandem Entertainment, Total Entertainment Production

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Movie information
One would right away fall in love with “Stars Versus Me’s” intriguing and relatable premise, but it is also highly possible to immediately fall out, once the movie’s vapid and unfocused proceedings, begin.
Unlike its contemporaries, “Stars Versus Me” mines its ideas on a less utilized, but interesting subject: horoscopes. Such idea has an immediate relatable appeal, given how most Filipinos are too adherent to superstitions and traditional beliefs.

Those first ten minutes are indicative of what goes wrong in this film. It delays the introduction of the main character, relegating her to a narrator's voiceover as the movie goes into an extended, mostly useless prologue. And in these ten minutes, the story jumps around with no sense of rhythm or flow. And one can already spot the weaknesses in the production. The very first sequence that features two characters talking has shots that are out of focus and editing that breaks one of the most basic rules of filmmaking.

But the film’s storytelling isn’t just capable to realize the subject’s full capacity. The real problem is a string of unbearable narrative flaws that keeps the film stumbling as it attempts to deliver its message. It lacks focus, and some fatal editing defects, keep sending everything beautiful it constructs, to wreckage.

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